Pork Curry :: North East Indian Style


:: Recipe & Ingredients (Serves 2)

500 grams of Mixed Baby Pork

2-3 Spring Onions finely chopped

2 Bok Choy with split leaves

2 medium sized Tomatoes finely chopped

2 large Potatoes chopped in quarters

4 Cloves of Garlic juliennes

Equivalent amount of Ginger juliennes

1 Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jhalokia / Raja Mircha)

1 Cup Mutton/ Chicken/ Pork Stock or Plain Water

1/2 Teaspoon Kashmiri Red Chilli Powder (for color)

Salt and cooking oil

Finely Chopped Onion Springs for Garnish

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:: Cooking Process

I got introduced to eating Pork and cooking style of the East & North East part of India and to the Bengali style of cooking, from a brother in law (technically) but more like a cousin, a.k.a Hungry Monk. This recipe is my take on the North Eastern Style of cooking Pork with Bok Choy, Potatoes and a Ghost Pepper. This recipe can be pressure cooked to save time, however tastes better when slow cooked like a stew.

Lets begin .. to a cooking utensil add cooking oil and heat it up. Once the oil is heated, add the pork and stir continuously to sear it well on all sides. In 5-8 minutes the pork meat will start to turn golden brown from pink and will start to loose its juices and fat. Let the pork cook in its own juices for a while on low heat and then add the chopped onions.

Continue the stirring and saute till the onion get golden. Now add the juliennes of garlic and ginger and mix everything well. Continue the saute till the garlic starts to cook up and dehydrate.

Now add the tomatoes and stir everything well. Keep cooking on slow / medium flame till the tomatoes become mushy and begin to release their juices. As you notice a shallow amount of gravy of juices building up, cover everything with layers bok choy splits and cover and cook on slow heat till the bok choy begins to melt and all the green and red juices have a confluence.

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Add the stock or a cup of water (more or less depending on the type of consistency of the gravy you like). Cover and cook for a good 45-60 minutes or until the pork is nice and tender. Once done garnish the Pork with finely chopped onion springs. Serve hot with with boiled rice! Enjoy!


If you try this recipe out, please share your experience and/or feedback.

For more such home cooked recipes follow this blog!

Happy Cooking!


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